Windows XP and Office 2003 coming to an end

Windows XP and Office 2003 coming to an end


Beginning on April 8, 2014, Microsoft will discontinue support for its Windows XP operating system and Office 2003 suite, including security updates and non-security hotfixes.

Software and operating systems that are no longer supported and patched become vulnerable to security exploits, such as malware attacks. Compatibility issues may also arise between older, unsupported products and new hardware and software releases. For example, new computers will not have drivers for Windows XP and Office 2003.

You would be left with two options, upgrade XP to a newer Operating System, such as Vista, 7 or 8, depending if your computer would be capable of running them smoothly or your 2nd option is to have us build you a new computer with Windows 8.

This doesn’t mean your computer would just stop working, it means there will no longer be any support for them, no security patches or updates and these machines will become extremely vulnerable to any new security attack. Think of it as a computer without any immune system.

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