Quick tips to help keep you virus free

  • Run all software updates — Many computers come pre-configured to do this automatically, but you should make sure your computer does. Many of these updates are free and almost all take very little time to download and install. These updates include Adobe Flash, Java, Anti-virus updates, and most importantly Windows updates
  • Be careful what you click on — This includes software from companies you do not know, and is often software you find that is free to download. Never open attachments in your email from persons you do not know, and never offer your password to a piece of software unless you’re absolutely sure who’s asking for it and why.
  • Be careful what you share — Many of these virus removal software authors are after your money, so they will collect your private information to use for other purposes. Don’t share passwords, account numbers or private details on email or social media networks like Facebook. Also, don’t give someone account information without checking to make sure those requests are valid and necessary.
  • Make backups of your important data and put those backups in a safe place, like a fireproof box or safety deposit box. Should the worst happen (requiring a complete rebuild of your computer’s hard drive, for example) you want to make sure your data is in a place where it won’t be lost as well.

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