New Ransomware Which Locks Your Files!

CryptoLocker, a new nightmare for your computer is just around the block. The previous Ransomware we dealt with, such as the FBI Virus have been fairly easy to deal with as they just loaded up with your computer and didn’t allow you to use your PC till you removed the virus. It was annoying and pricy for customers to fix at most but this new one, The CryptoLocker is outright dangerous.

cryptolockerOnce it infects your computer it will encrypt and lock up every single personal file you own, your spreadsheets, pictures, Word documents, all of it, and it will encrypt them at Military strength encryption.

The crooks will demand anywhere from $200 up to $400 and even if you pay them you will most likely not get your files back. They are not in business of taking care of you, they are in business of scamming you out of your money.


If you have been infected with any type of ransomware or malware please bring it by The Doctors of Technology where we can apply the proper fixes for these types of problem without sacrificing any of your data.

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