Las Vegas computer repair shop offers virus protection above anti-virus software

Las Vegas computer repair shop offers virus protection above anti-virus software

Cold and flu season are perfect reminders how prevalent, and how debilitating a virus can be. And while a computer virus won’t give you body aches that make you feel like you’re dying, they can be the cause of a headache that rivals such pains. Luckily, as the go to for computer repair Las Vegas, we can have at least your computer healthy within a day or so.

However, like their biological counterparts, computer viruses are known to mutate, since once the anti-virus people know about them, a counter is soon on the way. And it’s possible to get hit with a cold and the flu in the same season. And that’s why we have our own version of the vitamin C and zinc stack that helps to lessen the effects it taken before you get sick.

Our virus protection plan is perfect for those that work a lot online, do a lot of browsing, or have a lot of computers on a network. Think of it as insurance. If you get a viral infection during the period for which you’re covered, simply bring the infected machine to one of Las Vegas offices and the virus will be removed without any additional charge.

Our protection plan is different in that we don’t put your machine at the back of the line for us to get around to when other machines have been fixed. Yours goes into line, and will be fixed in the same place it arrived; if there are three in front of you; it’s fourth in line at the most. We might even bump it to the front, since you’ve already paid for the protection plan.

So if you find yourself coming down with computer viruses, our protection plan is the way to get. You can get terms of 1, 3, 6, and even 12 months. Oh, and we also offer Laptop repair Las Vegas for any other problem you might have!

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