Fixing The Fake FBI Virus For Computer Repair Las Vegas

Fixing The Fake FBI Virus For Computer Repair Las Vegas

We’ve all done it. Downloaded a song, TV show, or movie off the internet. Yes, it’s illegal, yes it’s considered piracy, and yes, piracy is literally a Federal case. But, it’s doubtful the FBI will ever contact you, much less do it through a computer pop up that tells you to purchase a moneypac. It’s a virus, put out by a fake FBI if you will, and you may need your Electronic Repair Las Vegas to remove it.

Like most viruses of its type, the fake FBI virus can be a huge pain in the behind. Once the pop up comes up, you won’t be able to access the internet at all, most applications are suspended (including most Virus Removal software), and the computer becomes almost useless. For the regular user, this can be irritating and inconvenient, but for a business owner, this can mean lost revenue and productivity. Oh, and sending the $200 moneypac to settle the charge? Yep, scam and a half.

Now, these types of viruses have a rather simple code, and removing them can be a straightforward task. Depending on what you have done, such as clicking on the pop up, you might not even need to involve your Laptop repair Las Vegas. But, if you have no tech savvy, then it’s best to call in the professionals at your computer repair in Las Vegas and let them handle the fake FBI virus. Or, you can give it a shot yourself.

Microsoft Security Essentials has a patch that will detect and remove the fake FBI virus, in most cases without you even knowing it was there. Malwarebytes, another free application that is good at rotting out malware, spyware, and viruses such as the fake FBI virus, is also effective. Once the computer has been infected, re boot in Safe Mode, and run both programs. If the virus hasn’t been “fully” activated, that should clear it up.

However, if by chance you clicked on the fake FBI virus pop up, it could now be too imbedded into the boot records to be flushed out with simple scans. Now, you will need to call in the computer repair guy in Las Vegas to resolve the issue. And if you are sweating bullets thinking that you are going to be without your computer for days on end, put those to bed right now.

The computer repair in Las Vegas, knowing that the fake FBI virus is the flavor of the day, already has all the hardware and software at the ready to scan and clean your hard drive in no time. If you can’t take the computer to them, such as a busy office with multiple infected machines, they can come to you; perform all work on premise, and get you back up and running.

Fixing the fake FBI virus is a simple matter for your computer repair in Las Vegas, and can have you fully utilizing your computer again soon. And no, they won’t tell the FBI you’ve been (illegally) downloading to your MP3 player, either.

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