Dusty Or Dirty Computers

Desktop computers are designed to be housed inside an enclosure what we call “the tower”, it is designed to hold all PC components, motherboard, hard drive(s) CD ROMs, Processor, etc.

These components generate fair amount of heat so the design of these towers include 2 or more fans and actual aluminum heat sinks to take this heat away from the processor and maintain steady temperatures.

Due to large flow of air over time dust and dirt will accumulate on such fans and heat sinks and reduce cooling abilities up to 90%, causing the computer to overheat, which in turn shuts off your computer by a temperature sensor chip to prevent further computer repair. Laptop computers are even more prone to this issue due to smaller components and their environment. We see laptops shutting off due to this issue on almost daily basis and a simple cleanup of the inside components resolves these issues.

If you notice your computer is getting louder, runs hotter than usual, fans running full speed you are risking permanent damage to your computer and your personal data and it’s time to see The Doctors, we can safely get your computer cleaned out and running like it used to!

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