Are you safe with an antivirus program?

Majority of us are lead to believe having an antivirus program installed on our computers keeps us 100% safe from any malware, viruses or pop-ups where this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Studies in December of 2007 showed that the effectivness of antivirus software was only 40-50%. This rate has drastically improved by 2010 to up to 80% detection rate.

New viruses are not detected, blocked or prevented from launching, such are ransom ware and polymorphic codes which avoid detection all together.

Rootkits are one of the hardest ones to detect as they have full admin rights to your computer and they run invisible. Majority of viruses will damage some files while rootkits will cause damage to the operating system.

So you must be wondering why you are paying upwards of $100 per YEAR for an antivirus subscription to a big brand name when you are still very likely to get a virus?

We offer a solution, install a free antivirus program offered by Microsoft called Microsoft Security Essentials which does a decent job and get one of our quarterly, semiannual or annual plans which will cover you for an unlimited amount of visits to our store to get the malware and virus removal of your computer.

We have “frequent visitors” here whom we have saved hundreds of dollars with our simple plan.

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